"So far, the best café we found in Aurora. Great food and service. Not expensive either. Happy we have it, thank you guys!"

– L. Gorfel

"The food was lovely and the owners are wildly friendly. Overall, was a very pleasant experience. I would recommend checking it out if you are in the area."

– S. Lahti

"Amazing brunch, great atmosphere and fabulous patio! Highly recommend."

– S. Flint

"Such a great place. So much selection, beautiful presentation. Will definitely be back soon."

– E. Lycklama


"Love this new place, had an amazing brunch and I am sure to come back here with my friends. Must mention how fantastic and friendly the staff are."

– A. Rihani

"Went there for brunch dine in - great food & latté!! I was contented. Friendly devoted owners and chef!!"

– J. Li


"Last week my husband and I were walking around St. Andrew's Plaza as we noticed some construction going on. We have always hoped that there would be more restaurants in this plaza and low and behold we stumbled upon Sweet Dutchess Kitchen & Café. As we were walking by (and peeping in the window), the owner Rob Velenik came out to greet us and welcomed us for an insider's tour. The café looked amazing, the products on the shelves looked unique, and to our pleasant surprise there was a full restaurant as well! We were also introduced to Chef Marcia Dellepoort who you could see has energy and passion about food. Our first impression was great and we can't wait to try this new restaurant when it opens."

- M. Yeung